SafeWater Policy

SafeWater is our boundaries policy.  It is a governing philosophy for Maine Day Sail & the Schooner Timberwind, especially as it relates to our Stembership Program.  In the Stembership Program we encourage our "Stembers" to fully maximize the benefits that are afforded to their individual rank.  We want the program to be versitile enough to fit individual needs.  All situations will be different.  The following illustrates a few of the boundaries and equivalents in the program:

  1. All Stemberships are valid for one year only.  The Stembership year runs from April 1 - March 31.
  2. All trips on the schedule are considered Day Sail, Sunset Cruise, Sunday on the Bay or All Day on the Bay, unless a charter is booked prior to a general ticket sold.  Whichever comes first, between general ticket booking, or a charter booking will solidify that trip, at that time, on that day.
  3.  2-Hr Charter = 35 ppl on one 2 hour trip - OR - Thirty (30) 2-hr tickets for individual uses
  4.  4-Hr Charter = 35 ppl on one 4 hour trip - OR - 35 ppl on two separate 2-hr trips - OR - Sixty (60) 2-hr tickets for individual uses
  5.  6-Hr Charter = 35 ppl on one 6 hour trip - OR - 35 ppl on three separate 2-hr trips (one 2-hr and one 4-hr is okay) - OR - Ninety (90) 2-hr tickets for individual uses
  6. One Adult ticket is equivalent to 2 child tickets but must be booked that way - call for assistance in using your member codes
  7. Advertising upgrades/add-ons may be available by special request - call for assistance
  8. Cancelling a reservation 30 mins or more prior to sailing will return your member benefit to you for future use.  Failure to cancel prior to 30 mins before departure will result in a no-show forfeiture of benefits applied to that reservation and will not be refunded.  This is critical to us to ensure that all guests are on board so we can depart on schedule.  We worry when our friends are missing!  Just give us a call or send a text and we are happy to help.
  9. It is highly recommended that bookings are made as soon as possible to ensure enough trips remain to fully utilize your benefits.
  10. If a "Stember" with a rank of Able Sailor or greater chooses to sell tickets to their event they may do so.  They may charge any price they choose.  Maine Day Sail will offer general event assistance regardless.  If tickets are sold, Maine Day Sail will handle ticketing on the Stember's behalf.  A 20% charge on Actual Gross Ticket Revenue Realized (after refunds, cancellations, etc.) will be kept and a check for 80% of ticket sales (and a 1099 for taxes) will be returned to the Stember creating the event.  This fee goes directly to the stewardship of the vessel to ensure Her sustainability.  As a general rule, if 25 tickets are sold at $100 (on a 2-hr trip) you will break even on the Able Sailor Stembership Dues before any additional streams of revenue are realized atop your ticket sales, i.e. product sales, future leads, etc.  At that point, the annual Stembership dues are basically a down-payment, and all other benefits (advertising, gear, individual tickets, etc.) of that rank are free.  Non-profit (501C3) and Educational groups (.edu) will only be charged a 10% fee on Gross Ticket Revenue.  Strong programming with market value should have no problem charging twice a normal ticket price.  No fee is charged if tickets to your event are not resold (family reunions, weddings, etc.) and we are still happy to provide full event assistance.  A charter booked is a charter used, regardless of the realized occupancy for that trip.  The example pricing/profit structure illustrated will improve with greater rank in the Stembership program (the deal gets sweeter for those with multiple events).