Tall-ship sailing is a small world, and good mariners are hard to come by.  Historically, sailors from around the globe were hired, rescued, or even shanghaied into service aboard a vessel.  It was this mixing of countries and cultures that created so many of the traditions connected to sailing, so it’s no surprise that Maine DaySail followed suit! We like to think of ourselves as the same kind of melting pot that tall-ships originally inspired.

Capt. Lance Meadows - Des Moines, IA

The owner of Maine Day Sail, LLC and Master of the Schooner Timberwind, Capt. Lance Meadows holds a United States Coast Guard license as a 1600-ton Master of Motor, Auxiliary Sail, Towing & Off-Shore Supply Vessels.  He started his professional sailing career in the Maine Windjammer fleet and ultimately graduated Summa Cum Laude from Maine Maritime Academy with a B.S. in Vessel Operations & Technology.  During school and following graduation, Cap spent several years as a Mate on ocean-going tug boats operating from Seattle, Washington to Alaska with many midnight watches under the Northern Lights in the Bering Sea.

The combination of his maritime skills, passion for hospitality, and an undying entrepreneurial spirit culminated with the launch of Maine Day Sail in late 2014.  "It is an opportunity to reinvent an awesome boat, bring a unique venture to Belfast, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the exceptional beauty of Penobscot Bay. " Captain Meadows lives in Sedgwick, Maine with his beautiful wife Elizabeth and their trusty mutt, Koda.


Capt. Ben Easley - Castine, ME

Capt. Ben Easley joined the Maine Day Sail crew as Chief Mate in 2015. Capt. Ben grew up in Castine, a tiny town just across Penobscot Bay, where he later attended Maine Maritime Academy and met Capt. Meadows.  He learned to sail at age 8, then in short order became hooked on racing sailboats. He continued racing sailboats in high school, and while attending Maine Maritime Academy. 

At Maine Maritime he earned a B.S. in Vessel Operations & Technology, as well as a United States Coast Guard 100 ton Masters license and a 1600 ton Mate license.  During his decade of experience in the maritime industry he has worked on tankers, sailing yachts, tall ships, research vessels, and tugboats.  Capt. Ben is a jack of all trades, and you can typically find him diving into an electrical or engineering project. 

When he isn’t sailing on the Timberwind, you can find him trying to get on another boat for fun, going on adventures with his dog Winston, rock climbing, or free-diving.   Capt. Ben is thrilled to be back at Maine Day Sail to share his passion for sailing, teaching, and his home of Penobscot Bay


Kalene Gauthier - Ship's Agent - Concord, NH

Ever since moving away from Maine in 2012, Kalene has been looking forward to the day when she could call Maine home again.  During her time away, she spent time living in the Colorado Rockies, and sailing with Class Afloat, between Northern Europe and the Caribbean.  She is a true adventurer at heart and finds her energy with the water or in the mountains.  Formally educated in Sports Medicine, Kalene has gained much knowledge and training that has allowed her freedom to transit the world. 

Now Kalene is happy to be back "home" in Maine and joining Maine Day Sail as the Ship's Agent.  When asked what she is most excited about she said "I get to wake up every day in a beautiful place, surrounded by some of my favorite people.  What is there not the be excited about?"  On days off, Kalene loves to spend time with her nieces, hiking, reading and being crafty.


Liz Meadows - Crew & Company Specialist - Sedgwick, ME

As a Maine native, Liz was fortunate to enjoy the rocky coastline as a backdrop to her childhood. It was only in her teens that she discovered the Schooner Fleet and fell in love with Tall Ship sailing. Her very first Captain gravely told her, “Be careful, or you’ll get salt in your blood.” But, at that point it was too late – she’d already been hooked by the sea. After traveling the country, living and exploring different states, she simply could not ignore the pull of home, the sea and the Maine coast. It turned out that growing up in a place known to be “The way life should be,” made it tough for her to find another that measured up.

During Liz’s travels, she was fortunate to discover another passion, in the healing arts. As a 13 year veteran of massage therapy, she runs her own practice, The Natural Alternative, LLC in Ellsworth, Maine. Her passion for the massage profession and love of sailing with Maine Day Sail, keeps her very busy during the summer months. When she’s not on the Timberwind, “making Winnie pretty,” you can bet she’s at her office working hard at delivering the “best massage in town” to each of her clients. 

Occasionally, Liz is also lucky enough to catch a few precious moments at her home in Sedgwick, ME with her awesome (and handsome!) husband, Lance, and their trusty mutt, Koda.

Dylan Troy - Mate - Camden, ME

DyIan was born in Texas but quickly moved to Maine when he was just two weeks old. He was raised in Camden Maine, and although that's very much a sailing town, he didn't step foot on a sailing vessel until the age of seventeen. Dylan's first sailing adventure was on the Schooner Harvey Gamage,  where he spent four months sailing around the Caribbean and up the east coast, with 22 other people. This was an educational experience where he received high school credits.

Following the conclusion of that trip Dylan joined the United States Navy.  He then spent four years providing medical coverage to the Marines as a hospital Corpsman, in Southern California.  During his time in the Navy, he found a love for motorcycles.  When he got out of the Navy, Dylan went to Phoenix Arizona to get certified in motorcycle mechanics.   While in Arizona he soon realized that he was missing something in his life, and that something was the ocean.  After graduating from school he headed straight back to Maine, where he quickly found his way back into sailing boats. This year will be his third year sailing on Penobscot Bay.  Dylan says "The bay is a very special place to me and I wouldn't trade my time sailing out here for anything."


Cassy Lincoln - Deckhand - Belfast, ME

Having always lived in Maine, Cassy grew up around the water. It wasn’t until 2015 however, that she finally stepped onto a sailing vessel. With her parents support and encouragement she walked down to Thompson’s Wharf, not knowing what to expect. Informing Captain Lance, upon meeting him, that she knew nothing about Schooners but could swim and was eager to learn, he agreed to let her come aboard. A couple days later she was hooked. Through her experiences sailing she’s grown to become a more outgoing and confident person.

Happily returning to the Timberwind and Maine Day Sail for her third year, she hopes to continue gaining sailing experience and learn even more from her new crew members. She has dreams of traveling the world, preferably on a boat, and getting her Captain's license in the future.  

When she’s not working you can find her sitting by the water with a notebook, hiding somewhere with her nose in a book or making her way through Studio Ghibli’s films with her cat, Farley. On the occasional day off she enjoys returning to her parents home in Lincolnville to see her mothers ever growing garden and sit on the porch talking with her father.