Haul Out!

The Timberwind has got a full dance card ahead of her for the next several months. After a fantastic day of motoring north last Sunday, she is now out of the water at Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, and she will certainly be keeping everyone on their toes!

A haul out is the only opportunity of the year to see the belly of the boat, give it a good cleaning and scraping before coating it with new bottom paint. Because the paint is made with copper and other compounds (keeping the hull in good shape all year-round-- even through icy Maine winters), we're not able to handle that job alone.  That's where the folks at Front Street have stepped up to the plate, and boy are we grateful!

As for the Timberwind's own crew, we've got portions of new cap-rail to replace, caulking filler where needed, and painting the topsides to do while she's out of the water. But the biggest project of all? A new bowsprit-- that's the pointy thing at the bow (the front). It seems that her nose needs a little love, and with the help of a BIG crane, the Timberwind crew will be fitting the processed Douglas Fir (yes-- it was a tree) into place within the next couple weeks. It will definitely be a sight to see. We'll be sure to add photos when we get there!

In the meantime, only 9 more weeks until our shakedown sail! We'll see you then!