Spring Outfit Update II: Electric Boogaloo

Hello again, everyone! To say that it's been a crazy few weeks here at Maine DaySail would be putting it lightly; it's been orchestrated pandemonium! But we're firing on all cylinders as the summer solstice and our first sail rapidly approaches. As June 21st gets closer, we've had lots of new developments, so hold on-- it's time to dive in. 

First, and most importantly, we have a new addition to our crew: Ben Easley of Castine, Maine! After years on tugs, Ben has decided to join us and the beautiful Timberwind for our inaugural season. We're so excited to be working with him and are already reaping the benefits of having another passionate and well-learned sailor among our ranks. Check out his bio on our crew page.

Secondly, the great Timberwind nose job is finally complete! Her new bowsprit was a perfect fit thanks to the incredibly talented Alex Fee and our friends at Front Street Shipyard (not to mention their crane!).

Thirdly (and fourthly, and fifthly... I wasn't kidding when I said we've had some big developments) - we painted the hull! Our lady shines up so well with a bit of fresh paint - we're working hard to make sure that every inch of the boat that needs new paint gets it, so we're shining all up and down the bay this season.

Within 24 hours from the hull being painted, our lady was back in the water! After an entire month of sanding, scraping, painting, and varnishing, the Timberwind is now settled in her home at Thompson's Wharf. And on that note, we have to give a shout out to the Belfast Harbormaster Kathy Messier, she has been nothing but welcoming to us! 

As always, pictures are worth a thousand words, and I have taken plenty of pictures of our big benchmarks during this crazy outfitting season! Check out the gallery below for more fun photos of our outfitting adventure, and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates. Until next time!