Pursuit of Life


I am Zack.   I sailed for four years as a deckhand/mate out of Camden, ME, getting into sailing to start a new life, and so again I find myself doing the same this year on the Timberwind, with Maine Day Sail. Although I was never into sailing growing up, besides a couple times with my uncle, life changes brought me up to Maine, to sail aboard the schooners, and I have grown to love the lifestyle.  As well as, the boats and the work required to maintain and operate these beautiful vessels.   The comradery and family type atmosphere found amongst crew members is also a draw to the sailing life. I have goals of building more sea time in order to acquire a Captain's license.  As nautical navigation and seamanship prove an honorable pursuit of life for me.   I love the outdoors and wildlife, Maine's dynamic sailing environment and the speed of living.  Learning so much on board everyday.